Wall Mounted

Wall mounted electric fireplaces can extend to large widths. Even more interesting is that most wall mounted fireplaces have a flame option where you can set-up an automatic flame.

With the rapidly changing climate. It has become more necessary than ever to use electric fireplaces to replace traditional fire places. Basically, the tasks involved in making traditional fireplaces are tedious. Moreover, wall mounted electric fireplaces have been designed to form different shapes and design to form a proper interior setting.

Wall mounted electric fireplaces work by pulling cool air from the inlet that is above the heater and pushing the air down the heater by use of a fan. The fan then takes the cool air to the heating equipment in the wall mounted electric furnace. Heated air is then dispersed through the bottom part of the wall-mounted electric heater into your room hence increasing the temperatures.

When purchasing a wall-mounted electric heater you should ensure that you look at the amount of heat loss in your room to know the watt amount of the electric heater that you need in your room/ house setting.

Coil structured electric fireplace is known to provide an even amount of heating in a room. When purchasing a fake fireplace you should ensure you calculate the heat needs and hence have an rough estimate of the amount of watts your electric fireplace needs to heat up your room. It is always advisable to consult a professional when installing it.

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